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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Creative Conversation - WTA Tweeting

Serena loves karaoke. Kuznetsova is speaking in Russian. Lindsay Davenport had a relaxing day with the family. And how do we know all this? A little a birdie told us.

In today's digital age, people everywhere have grown to love updating the world on their whereabouts and daily tasks, and players are no different. Make a quick search on twitter and you'll be astonished at how many confirmed WTA athletes are dialed into the web as they globe-trot around the world. Though you may grow tired of reading "Had a great practice session this morning!" from what feels like a million different player accounts, there's some sort of guilty and endless entertainment out of reading the thoughts of your favorite stars. At the very least, it reminds you that they, too, are real.

Aren't we all dying to know the story behind this tweet?
Players, reporters and even blogs like us join in online for tennis conversations everyday, but among the real twitter accounts lie an assortment of humorous fake accounts launched with one intention: to make readers like us laugh. You might find an imitation Marion Bartoli tweeting about her obsession with kittens, or a crazed Bondarenko fan boasting that she's due for world number one, but none are as creative as an account with a unforgettable name:

A creative fake quote from Wozniacki, referencing the
true life quote from Sharapova regarding making friends on tour.
The evil mastermind behind this clever twitter handle is well-read in tennis news, updating his/her account with funny "what they probably would have said" quotes from both men and women on the professional tour. You'll roll on the floor at some of the witty and blunt quotes ShitPlayersSay makes up for the game's biggest names, including cocky banter from Djokovic, angry threats from Sharapova, and ridiculous commentary from a number of others (seriously—check out all the Safina quotes...). My personal favorite is the sign off the account uses for every tweet from WTA good-girl, Caroline Wozniacki: "xoxo, Sunshine"

If you find yourself offended by the account's tweets, remember that it's merely an account for entertainment's sake. Yes, it's frustrating to read Jankovic quotes saying she's "so over this tennis thing," but the author clearly uses true life events and quotes to generate clever, sarcastic and even critical posts. Take it all with a grain of salt, or, if you want, make your own account to rival this one.

Yes, twitter makes our favorite players more real. It let's us see into their mind, know what their doing, and interact with them in a way we might never have done so otherwise. But sometimes, what's not real is just as good.

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-Kedzie Teller, ITB Senior Editor


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